What You Need to Know About Your A/C’s Freon System 

Just because the Summer heat has subsided and the cool autumn air permeates the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to learn about some of the finer points of your car’s air conditioning system. To be more specific, some of the chemical compounds that allow you’re A/C to function on a hot day. For many years, air conditioning contained a chemical coolant known as R13, which was developed all the way back in the 1930s. Although it was unknown at the time, this chemical contributed greatly to ozone depletion and global warming. R-1234yf is now the standard used. Additionally, the EPA has mandated that all new vehicles manufactured become equipped by 2021.

What if I Have an Older Car? Can I still Use My Old AC?  

Not to worry, although R13 systems are being phased out, they will still be produced in smaller numbers. Your system is eligible to be retrofitted, but this process costs quite a bit. There are pros and cons to the new R-1234yf system. While the system will be very efficient and have fewer problems and leaks, they are relatively more expensive to maintain. Although this system is more efficient than the older ones, all replacement parts must meet high standards set by the EPA.  

What If I Work in the Automotive Industry? How Do These Changes Affect Me?  

Special service machines will be required that are built with SAE standards. Newer systems will be able to detect what refrigerant is being used. The process to service these new machines will be a much longer ordeal due to the vacuuming involved. Many of the chemicals in the newer systems can be very corrosive, so make sure you’re trained properly before any operation.  

How Often Should I Have My A/C Serviced? 

While routine maintenance is required for your A/C to run effectively, you won’t need to have it performed as often as an oil change. It’s recommended that you have your car’s A/C system looked at every 60,000 miles or three years. If you notice any leaks or smells coming from your A/C, or anywhere else in your car, please take it to a local service station right away.  

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