Why is Vehicle Alignment So Important?

There are literally thousands of systems and individual parts on an automobile that could go out or malfunction at any time. So many that it would be nearly impossible to list them all in one place. But to focus on a very common one which can cause a lot of damage when left uncorrected, we here at Car Care Connection put together this quick read concerning vehicle alignment issues and how to spot them:

How Can I Tell if My Alignment is Bad?


There are a number of indicators of misalignment such as drifting to the right or left, diminished handling capabilities, and a crooked steering wheel (in more severe cases).

What Causes a Misalignment?

Anything from hitting a curb or pothole to normal wear and tear.

How Does an Alignment Problem Affect My Vehicle?

There are multiple ways in which a vehicles’ alignment can impact other parts and functions, depending on how bad it is. Wearing down of tires, poor handling, difficulty making sharp turns, and many other performance and safety issues could arise.

To have your vehicle’s alignment inspected, or to get any other maintenance or service issue taken care of, simply head over to 6503 Gateway Ave. Gulf Gate, Sarasota, FL and see us here at Car Care Connection. We will be glad to take a look at anything on your car or truck that just doesn’t seem right to you. 

We are also ready to provide a more thorough inspection to make sure that there aren’t any hard-to-notice or soon-to-be issues in the early stages. You can bring your vehicle by anytime without an appointment, but if you would like to speak with us over the phone, give us a call at 941-924-6199 and one of our helpful and courteous team members will be glad to assist you.


  • I’ll be going on an out-of-town trip for business next week, but I’m worried about driving my car there since I’ve been finding it hard to maneuver the wheel these days. I appreciate you explaining to us that a crooked steering wheel usually means misalignment, so we must get it fixed before it affects the vehicle by wearing down the tires and other potential safety issues. I’ll keep this in mind and get car repairs done right away before my business trip.

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