Why Are Your Brakes Making That Noise?

If your brakes are making any or different types of noise, best believe it is crucial to get them checked out before more or grave damage is done to them, your vehicle and you. With that out of the way, why are your brakes making that noise though – could there be a singular reason or lots of reasons why? Let us find out.

Car Brakes

Your brakes could be making that noise because:

  • The wear indicator on your brakes is hitting the rotor and if the noise is abnormally loud, it also means that your brakes are low-quality ones in need of replacement with higher quality ones.
  • There is rust on the rotors of your brakes because your car has not been driven for a long time or the brakes are not well serviced by friction. 
  • There is a wheel rim that is out of shape from your car driving through a pothole or hitting a curb.
  • Your parking brakes are out of adjustment or there could be worn out parts of your car which are loose and freely moving about under your brakes.
  • Your parking brakes are loose.
  • There is a leak somewhere from any one of these three: master cylinder, vacuum line or booster diaphragm and this leak cannot be silenced by the foam silencer which usually shuts off or disguises the usual brake noise.
  • Your brakes may be touching other pieces of metal in your car and in need of some adjustments.
  • An object must have been stuck in the calipers or your brakes are old and rubbing on the rotor.

These noises often come in different tones and intensity: scrapping noise, tapping or banging noise, a grating noise, ticking noise, squeaking noise and whistling noise.

If your brakes are making any noise like the aforementioned, you need to have them checked out at Car Care Connection at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Gulf Gate. You can also call us at 941-924-6199. We are Sarasota’s Total Car Care experts!

Comments (2)

  • Its helpful when you said that rust on the rotors of your brakes can be one of the reasons your brakes are making noise. I suspect that there is something wrong with my car breaks and I want to take it to a repair shop to check it out. Thanks for the warning signs on brake repair and I hope that I can take my car to a shop as soon as possible!

  • Thanks for explaining why brakes may be making noise. My brakes are squealing in my car. Since I don’t really know much about cars, I should take it to a mechanic to make sure everything is working okay.

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