What’s That Smell Coming from My Car?

The smell from the engine is usually distinct from the other type of smell found in the car like; spilled coffee, food, air conditioner, and many others that leave a scent in the car. However, it is advisable to investigate an odd odor emanating from the engine because it could be a sign of engine repairs resulting in motor-vehicle failure. Whenever you encounter a strange smell, you should take it upon yourself to check it out or consult a professional since different smells indicate different engine issues.

Rotten Eggs & Sulphur

The most common smell that most drivers come across is rotten eggs, which could be odd, especially if you did not break any eggs in your car. That smell resembles sulfur, and it is an indication of an imbalance in your engine’s air to fuel intake. Once you discover such an odor, you should consult the services of a professional before the catalytic converter is spoilt.

Moldy Smell

Weird Smell in Car

Another common odor that most drivers come across is the smell of mold or mildew, which is an indication that your car has air conditioning issues. Since the air conditioning is made possible through moisture extracted from the air, leaves and other particles could block the water, making it stagnate. The water will eventually become moldy, making the air in your car smell like mold.

Maple Syrup or Fruit Candy Smell

It is common for coolant to escape from the cooling system, making your engine smell like fruit candy or maple syrup. This is an indication that there’s a leak, and if ignored, could wreak havoc on your car, causing overheating. To avoid further damage, you should not drive the car until it has been fixed.

Burning Oil

It is not unusual to smell acrid smoke or burning oil since the car practically runs on fuel. If this smell prolongs, then it could be a sign of a possible oil leak. If you had a recent oil change, you could have an expert check for loose drain plugs. A mechanic will get the issue sorted quickly by adjusting the oil level.

Burnt Carpet Smell

The final smell that should raise concern is the smell of the burnt carpet. It is often experienced from the brake area due to the overheating of break-pads or rotors. It could also be because of slim pads, which make the brakes feel spongy. When going downhill, it is advisable to break on and off as you go downhill to relieve brake pressure.

Consulting professional car service providers whenever you experience odd smells in your car, should be the first thing you do. Do not risk driving a car that has odd odors without fully knowing what the cause is. Take your vehicle for regular service and maintenance to avoid potential problems. Here at Car Care Connection, we guarantee professional and quality service when it comes to all vehicles. Don’t make a decision without all the facts; call us today at 941-924-6199 or feel free to drop in at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Sarasota.

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