What is the Difference between Types of Brake Pads?

Most drivers know that the brake pads of their vehicle are an important part of their braking system. However, not as many drivers know which type of brake pads are the best choice for their car, truck, or SUV. If you are a vehicle owner who is due for a brake pads replacement, read the following blog post to learn more about the different types of brake pads.

Brake Pads

The first type of brake pad is a semi-metallic brake pad. These pads are made from 30 to 65 percent metal and are considerably durable. While these brake pads can withstand a lot of wear and tear, they may also function well in extreme temperatures. Semi-metallic brake pads are easier on the rotors and less expensive than alternatives, but they are also louder and are not as long standing.

The second type of brake pad is the ceramic brake pad. These brake pads are made out of ceramic and are typically the most expensive selection. They are also among the quietest options. These top tier pads may cost more than other options, but they may also last you longer.

The third type of brake pad is a low-metallic, non-asbestos organic brake pad, also known as an NAO. These pads are usually made from copper or steel and help with heat transfer. However, these brake pads are also known to be noisy and let off a lot of brake dust.

The final selection of brake pad is the non-asbestos organic brake pad. This type of brake pad is made from organic materials such as fiber, glass, rubber, and Kevlar. They’re quiet compared to NAO pads, but they also wear fast and produce a lot of dust.

Each option has its perks and downfalls, but now you can make an educated choice depending on your budget and personal preferences. For help selecting brake pads for your vehicle, connect with Car Care Connection in Sarasota to have a brake system evaluation completed to ensure your family is safe in your vehicle. To get in touch with Car Care Connection, call 941-924-6199 today!

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