What is a Diagnostic Service?

Although today’s vehicles are made to last longer and be more reliable than ever before, the fact remains that no matter how well you maintain them, they are still machines and they still develop problems. Since the days of the average person knowing how to work on their own cars and trucks is long gone, most of us need the help of an expert.

And when the problems your automobile is experiencing are somewhat of a mystery, you may need a diagnostic service. To explain what this service is and why you may need it, the friendly folks here at Car Care Connection wanted to offer the following helpful information:

The Basics of Auto Diagnosis Services

A diagnostic service is where a trained automotive professional performs a thorough inspection on a vehicle, in order to identify what type of issue(s) it may be experiencing. 

Warning Signs That You May Need a Diagnostic Service:

  • Your vehicle won’t start.
  • The dashboard lights stay on.
  • You notice strange odors.
  • You hear off sounds.
  • Your car is shaking or vibrating.
  • The brakes require extra pressure or aren’t responding.
  • Your car is running hot.
  • You have fluids leaking out.
  • Your car is smoking,
  • You are experiencing dimmed lights and/or other electronic issues.

If you are dealing with one or more of these issues, or if there is any other reason that you think your car may need a diagnostic service, please don’t delay any longer. You could be putting yourself, those riding with you, as well as everyone else on the road in danger. 

Simply stop in and see the friendly car repair professionals here at Car Care Connection and we will be glad to take a look at your vehicle. We are located at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Gulf Gate . Or you can just give us a call at 941-924-6199.

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