What Happens If I Don’t Get a Wheel Alignment?

Maintaining your car involves several different tasks. Not only do you need to receive routine oil changes, fluid checks, and battery and bulb replacements, but you also need to receive a wheel alignment from time to time. Here is what happens if you don’t get a wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment service by a auto repair mechanic

Wear and Tear

A wheel alignment is a process of realigning the wheels of your vehicle. Over time, your vehicles become unaligned from wear and tear. Things like driving through potholes or hitting curbs can contribute to your wheels becoming unaligned.

Steering Problems

Even if you’re a safe driver who avoids potholes and curbs, your car can still experience alignment issues over time. If you don’t tend to your unaligned vehicle, you can encounter steering problems. You need optimal handling to control your vehicle as safely as possible. If your vehicle is unaligned, your handling is compromised and you can’t drive as safely as you should.

Uneven Tire Wear

Waiting too long to correct your wheel’s alignment issues can also lead to uneven tire wear. Even if you rotate your tires on a routine basis, an alignment issue can still cause uneven wear. This can cause you to have to replace your tires more frequently, which is expensive.

Reduces Fuel Economy

Lastly, failing to correct your wheel alignment can reduce your fuel economy. Poor fuel economy means more trips to the gas pump, which can take a toll on your wallet.

Get Wheel Alignment at Car Care Connection in Gulf Gate

The safest, cost-efficient thing to do is realign your wheels on a routine basis. To do so, head to Car Care Connection. We offer drive-in service, so visit us at 6503 Gateway Ave. in Gulf Gate, Sarasota, FL, today!

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