Vehicle Maintenance Services That Get Overlooked

Besides the routine auto maintenance that usually comes to mind, there are a bunch of other services that must be paid attention to as well. Car Care Connection discusses important vehicle maintenance services that tend to get overlooked. 

sarasota air filter change	Transmission Fluid

Changing motor oil is paramount for proper vehicle maintenance so that the transmission doesn’t shift hard, slip, or completely fail.

Gear Lube

A vehicle’s power gets routed through the differential gears and bearings. For superb differential life, the gear lube must be changed every so often, particularly if a driver hauls cargo.

Coolant System

If gunk has accumulated in an automobile’s cooling system, it can cause a blockage in the radiator, heater core, or fluid passages, which can lead to the engine overheating and costly repairs. The depletion of anti-corrosion additives can cause metal engine and cooling-system elements to weaken and fail. This is why flushing your cooling system when recommended and refilling the antifreeze/coolant is so important.

Brake Fluid

The culprit responsible for creating spongy brakes is moisture that builds up in brake fluid after a while, and the boiling point gets affected by becoming lower. Anti-corrosion additives begin to dry up and endanger parts falling prey to rust and failure.

Power Steering Fluid

Just as with every lubricant, power steering fluid attracts a deposit of unwanted material, moisture, and other debris. This fluid needs to be changed per the car’s owner’s manual since it oxidizes and deteriorates as time passes.

Fuel Injectors

Harmful sediments form on an engine’s fuel injectors, and valves, and in the combustion chamber as well. The eventual result is diminished power, throttle response, fuel efficiency, and compromised drivability.

PCV Valve

A vehicle’s PCV system directs pressurized crankcase gasses back to the intake manifold where they are burned during the process of combustion. When the unburned gasses flow through the PCV valve, they can produce coatings that stick. This can boost oil consumption and lessen fuel economy.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs supply the electrical charge that ignites the fuel/air in gas engines. Shoddy plugs negatively affect the workings, causing power to be wasted and reducing fuel economy. Therefore, spark plugs require replacement per the recommendations noted in the automobile’s owner’s manual.

Car Care Connection is renowned for providing impressive workmanship at prices that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Our seasoned technicians have the know-how to keep your vehicle up to date with its maintenance. Car Care Connection is conveniently located at 6503 Gateway Avenue, Gulf Gate, Sarasota, Florida, and we may be reached to arrange an appointment by calling (941) 924-6199. Thank you for taking an interest in our trusted company.

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