The Importance of Tire Rotation

Car Care Connection wants to remind you of the importance of tire rotation.

You’ve probably already heard that your tires need to be inflated to the proper PSI, aligned the right way, and rotated in a cross-diagonal fashion. It’s not much different from the routine oil changes you should do also, designed to help your vehicle’s endurance.

What is the purpose of tire rotation? Here are few good reasons to get your tires rotated:

Tire Rotation in Sarasota
  1. Extend Tire Tread
    • If you don’t rotate consistently, some of your tires are going to have uneven tread. This has the potential to make driving (especially in the rain) much more difficult and dangerous.
  2. Maximize Performance
    • Not only do bad tires impact safety, but they can also impact how smooth your ride feels. You can’t always blame a bumpy drive on bad shocks or the crummy roads. Sometimes your tires are the culprit.
  3. Increased Gas Mileage
    • Worn out tires force the engine to work harder, which means it will burn through fuel much quicker. This will cost you at the gas pump.
  4. Save Money
    • Ultimately, tire rotation results in savings. By not having to by new tires prematurely, not wasting money on extra gas, and not having to endure a frustrating blowout, you will save a ton.

We know that getting tires rotated can seem like another chore or burden, but as you can see, it’s well worth taking the time to get it done. You’ll thank yourself the next time you’re in a rainstorm and you don’t skid all over the road.

You can always rotate your own tires, but Car Care Connection knows how busy folks in Sarasota can get, so we want to help you get the job done quickly. Check out the maintenance section on our website to discover the great services, like tire rotation, we can do for you. We carry more than 30 different tire brands including BF Goodrich, Firestone, Uniroyal, Wrangler, and Yokohama. Prices may vary. Our service commitment to you will not.

Car Care Connection offers a whole host of automotive services in addition to tire rotation. Be sure to visit our coupon page to see what kind of specials we’re running. We’re currently offering a complete transmission service for only $89, a $50 savings off typical pricing. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us via email, call us over the phone at 941-924-6199 , or visit us at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Gulf Gate. Come see us soon!

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