The Heat is Here! Is Your Air Conditioning Working?

Florida’s hot weather make car air conditioning a welcome convenience, and if it stops working passengers will quickly find the heat oppressive. Here are some common car air conditioning issues which can arise and can be easily fixed by Car Care Connection.

Air Conditioning in Vehicle

Cooling Fan Failure — Most cars today use electric cooling fans at the front of the vehicle. The fan cools both the air conditioner condenser and also the engine radiator. If this fan fails the car will likely overheat quickly as a signal. Electrical issues can be tricky to diagnose so come to Car Care Connection and let us check it out.

Compressor Failure — Air conditioning works by compressing a refrigerant gas then expanding it to create a cooling effect. If the compressor fails the system will no longer cool the car.

Air Conditioning Sensor Failure — Another electrical issue which will need to be diagnosed. These types of failures can come and go which makes them difficult to find.

Ventilation System Failure — There is a fan system which circulates cooled or heated air through the car’s interior. If this system fails it may seem like the air conditioner failed when it is the ventilation system needing maintenance.

Refrigerant Leaks — A car air conditioning system contains a refrigerant gas under pressure. From either age or perhaps an accident the refrigerant tubing can crack or fail. This releases the refrigerant and the system will stop cooling. Car Care Connection has testing equipment to look for refrigerant leaks so bring your car to us if it stops cooling.

Car Care Connection is located conveniently at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Gulf Gate. Call us for an appointment at 941-924-6199

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