The Dangers of Old and Worn Tires

No one likes to replace tires, because depending on the type of car you drive, they can be very expensive. However, driving on worn or old tires may end up costing you more money than just buying a new set of tires will. Here’s information on why you need to replace those old and worn out tires today. 

Why Your Car Tires Need to be Replaced

Old Tires

You must replace your tires, so that your tires will grip the road effectively, no matter what the conditions you’re driving in. You will need tires to be able to grip the road effectively even in the torrential Florida rains. Tires can contribute to terrible accidents if they aren’t replaced or maintained. 

First, you need to know that driving on your tires in Florida means you will have to replace your car tires faster than if you were driving in Iowa. Heat ages tires and causes them to wear out more quickly. Also, if you frequently drive to the beach, the salt from saltwater will also age your tires more quickly. 

Your tires will also deteriorate more quickly the more you abuse them. Every time you jump the curb, drive through rough terrain, or roughly apply your brakes, you need to know that you will inflict damage on your tires, and cause them to wear out more quickly. 

How Will I Know When to Replace My Tires?

There are a couple of different ways you can check your tires to see if they need replacing. First, you can check the tread of your tires using the penny test. Get a penny and stick it into the tread of your tire headfirst. If you can see any part of Abraham’s head, you will need to get your tire replaced. 

You can also check the age of your tires by writing down the numbers printed on the side of your tires. There is a four digit code on your tires that will tell you the month and year that your tires were manufactured. If the month and year of your tires’ manufacture is more than a few years old, you need to have your tires checked out. That way, you can make sure that your tires are ready to go when you are. 

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