Stay Current on Your Vehicle’s Brake Maintenance in Sarasota

Braking systems are one of the most important systems you have in a car. In fact, if your car doesn’t brake, you really can’t drive at all. If your braking system isn’t working, you could endanger your life, or the lives of others, because a car that can’t brake is dangerous–for you and for others on the road. That’s why it is so important to have good brake maintenance. If you are not sure what brake maintenance looks like, or how often you need to get your brakes looked at, here’s some information about braking and your brake’s maintenance.

Car Braking

How To Save Some Money

If you maintain your brakes, you’ll really be saving yourself money in the long run. There are two parts of brake maintenance you need to keep in mind. First, you need to have your brake pads checked about every 12,000 miles–or once a year for most drivers. Your brake pads are an extremely important part of your braking system. They help to slow the car down when you push the brake pedal. You also need to have your brake fluid checked and replaced every 25,000 miles. Your brake fluid is also very important to your braking system, because it cuts down on the friction caused when you brake the car. Without brake fluid, your car’s brakes could overheat and fail.

Why Should I Worry About My Brakes?

Compared to the other parts of your car with thousands of moving parts–such as your transmission–your brakes only have a few parts. You have your rotors, which are the circular part of your wheel. On top of the rotors, there are calipers, which clamp down on the rotors and slow the car down. The brake pads are located inside the calipers. You have brake fluid in the brake lines to keep the brakes functional. These parts are fairly simple, but if they don’t all work correctly, you could be in serious trouble.

If you can’t remember when to get your brakes serviced, we can help you. It’s a regular part of your car’s maintenance schedule, so if you remember to bring your car in for servicing, you’ll be able to continue to drive–and brake–your car for years to come.

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