Signs Your Battery is Running Out of Juice

It’s no secret that today’s modern vehicles have more electrical components than ever before. Unsurprisingly, these electrical components put tremendous strain on your vehicle’s electrical system, making it difficult for your car’s battery to function appropriately. 
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In fact, even your car’s security systems utilize your battery when the vehicle is switched off. You also can’t forget that in conjunction with this, extreme hot or cold weather conditions also take a significant toll on your car’s battery life. 

According to vehicle maintenance experts like the ones at Care Care Connection, your car’s battery is not made to last forever. It’ll eventually succumb to wear and tear – especially if it is nearing four years or older. 

So how do you know if your vehicle’s battery is running out of juice? Simply. You monitor your car and look for the signs of an aging battery, which we have discussed in this article. 

What Are The Five Signs Your Battery Is Running Out Of Juice?

There are more than five signs that a battery is running out of juice, but we have narrowed the list down and included the most obvious and easiest to spot. So look below to learn what you must be on the lookout for daily. 

  • Your Engine Is Slow To Start

Over time battery components wear out, making your battery less effective. One of the end-stage signs that your battery is about to kick the bucket is when the engine starts becoming slow to start. 

If your engine is spluttering or you need to crank it several times before it fires up, it’s a sign the battery likely needs replacing. Of course, if your car isn’t starting when you turn the key, it’s the biggest sign you need a new battery. 

  • The Check Engine Light Is Illuminated

Unfortunately, if your car’s check engine light is illuminated, it can mean almost anything, including the possibility that your car’s engine is on its last legs. 

Since there is no guarantee that a check engine light illumination is a definite sign you need to replace your battery, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle to a mechanic to investigate the problem. A mechanic can test your battery and see if it’s the cause of the light being on. 

  • You Have Been Spelling A Foul Odor

Cars can create many different smelling fumes, but if you’ve noticed a rotten egg smell when you pop the hood, it could be a sign that your battery needs to be evaluated, repaired, or replaced. 

This is because a rotten egg smell indicates that your battery is leaking acid, creating an odor of sulfuric acid. This type of leak can cause a short or damage to your battery, so it’s best to resolve it quickly. 

  • Your Battery Connectors Are Eroded

Another sign that your battery needs to be replaced is if the battery connectors are eroded. You can tell if they are eroded by checking for a white ashy substance on the metals of the battery. If corrosion occurs, your car could be experiencing voltage issues, and this could be the cause of your car struggling to start. 

Unfortunately, the ashy substance is a sign of leaking battery acid. Even if you clean the battery connectors (terminals), it will not stop the battery from leaking, so you’ll have to replace it. 

  • You’re Experiencing Electrical Issues

As you now know, your car’s battery powers all of the electronics, so if your battery runs out of juice, the electric components in your vehicle will not run at full power. 

So, if you have noticed your electric windows being slower than usual, your radio switching off or not going on, or your cell phone charger not working as usual, it’s a sign you need a new battery.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your car, it’s time you have it investigated by a professional mechanic. At Care Care Connection, our certified technicians can test your battery and help you repair or replace it with a new one that will function as it should. Simply book an appointment with us here, and we will help you with your batter troubles.

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