Should You Get Your Truck Lifted?

The decision to add a lift kit to your truck or SUV may simply to give it a unique look. However, there are good reasons to lift your truck if you plan to use it anywhere other than on paved roads. A key decision is what will be the primary use of your vehicle. Rock crawling, mud, long distance open country, or off-road racing all have different lift kit requirements. Here’s more about lift kits and why you might use them.


We aren’t going to ignore the aesthetics of lifting your SUV or truck, because sometimes it’s all about having a custom look. Lift kits offer the ability to place larger tires on your vehicle. As you lift the frame and body there is more clearance in the wheel wells for larger tires. The choices in custom wheels and tires are huge, so owners have the ability to make their truck truly one-of-a-kind.

Lifted Truck in Sarasota

Ground clearance

Any off-road activity benefits from higher ground clearance. Moving over rocks or tree stumps, crossing streams or muddy bogs, or moving over changes in ground slope without getting stuck are all good reasons to lift your vehicle. Keep in mind that when a vehicle is lifted the center of gravity moves higher, making the vehicle more susceptible to rolling over.

Larger tires and wheels

Larger tires do not equal greater traction in many cases. They are most useful in adding greater clearance to the vehicle along with the lift kit. Off-road tires can also be purchased for the type of off-roading you plan to enjoy. 

Some considerations when choosing and installing lift kits

Make sure they are legal — State or local laws might have limits on the height of lift kits. Car Care Connection knows the laws and can assist you with proper selection.

Do it yourself? — Perhaps, if you have a fully equipped garage with a vehicle lift. If not, let us handle the installation for you to get it right.

Other modifications may be needed — When larger tires are added, the engine and rear end gear ratios may not be correct for proper operation and may need to be changed.

You are making compromises in performance — If you plan to use your lifted vehicle on paved roads, keep in mind that you will have more noise, faster tire wear, more instability due to the higher center of gravity, and less traction on wet roads. 

Wear on your vehicle — If you lift a vehicle and add larger tires to a standard suspension, you are adding a great deal of unsprung weight which can cause suspension and steering wear. Consult with us at Car Care Connection to get the right kit and other suspension changes to maximize the benefit of lifting your vehicle. 

Car Care Connection located at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Sarasota can be reached by calling 941-924-6199. Give us a call before you spend money on the wrong lifting equipment!


  • Thanks for reminding me to make sure that the lift kits installed on my truck are legal. My brother and I have been fans of lifted trucks since we were kids and now that we are financially capable of buying our own, we are thinking of investing in one. Given that it would be our first time owning a lifted truck, I think it would be best to buy a used one first so we can test it out. I’ll start looking for one this weekend.

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