Nerf Bars

There’s nothing better than driving a huge pickup truck down and around the beaches of Sarasota and throughout our gorgeous community. Once you have a huge truck at your disposal, you don’t need much else, but there are a few ways to enhance it.

Nerf bars are one of those indispensable upgrades you won’t want to ignore, which is why we include them as one of our service installations at Care Care Connection. Here’s what you need to know about the latest nerf bar options and installation service.

About Nerf Bars & Steps Categories

Nerf bars are fixtures that attach to the driver and passenger entrances to your truck/SUV to help you climb into your vehicle much easier. They augment the overall majesty of your ride, and they make it safer to get into any high-rider. Trust us, if you’ve ever strained your back or bruised a rib, it helps to have this support equipment to make life easier.

You might also hear folks call them “step bars” or “side step bars.” That’s because these essentially double as side steps. Again, you need to elevate them a little if you intend to take your truck onto difficult terrains (including the beach). They come in many styles, lengths, and coatings.

Terrific Nerf Bar & Side Step Bar Options for Your Truck

Nerf bars and side step bars come in so many awesome varieties, but we’d like to show you some of the most popular brands on the market.

  • Bully Universal Truck Coated Side Step
      • These resemble u-shaped stirrups or steps, and they come in a couple of sizes: 12X12X12 inches, or 14X16X12 inches. Obviously, the sizing will take into account vehicle dimensions. They’re rust-resistant and don’t require a ton of upkeep.
  • Tyger Auto Blade Running Boards
      • These premium running boards have a 500-pound capacity. Tyger also makes a similar side-step product that works equally well with trucks, SUVs, and Jeep Wranglers.
  • Yitamotor 6-inch Running Boards
      • These are even easier to install, are a little more budget-friendly, and are compatible with most of the Ford F-series, Chevy Silverados, Toyota Tundras, Ram models, and more.

Visit Car Care Connection for Effective Nerf Bar Installation

Car Care Connection will order and install any aftermarket parts, including lift kits. We enjoy helping our customers with basic maintenance and any vehicular enhancement. Nerf bars and step bars are an excellent idea not only for trucks but any high-riding vehicle, including all the Jeep models.

Car Care Connections serves the Sarasota area with reliable automotive services on everything from nerf bars, brake inspections, body repairs, and lift kits. We can help you if you don’t want to DIY install things onto your expensive vehicle and make a mistake. Call us anytime to learn more at 941-924-6199.

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