Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle with These Tips

The most used or touched surfaces in your vehicle are dirty. Statistically, the average steering wheel holds more dirt quadruple the amount of dirt a public toilet seat holds (sounds insane and cringeworthy, we know but facts do not lie). Then we have other surfaces like the door handles, the cup holder, the entertainment knob and the seat belts. 

With this knowledge, it is imperative that you sanitize your vehicle more than just dusting here and there. How? We penned down a number of tips for you.

How to Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle

Sanitize Vehicle Sarasota

#1: Frequently replacing the cabin air filter which is responsible for cleaning the air in your car is one way you can safely sanitize your vehicle. 6 months is a good timeframe for doing so and in doing so, you help keep the air within the cabin of your car free from unpleasant air circulating within.

#2: Cleaning the furniture is also another way. Upholstery usually hides lots of dirt in folds and corners. Engaging liquid soaps and a lint-free towel will help rid the dirt and make your vehicle furniture clean; you can also use a mini vacuum cleaner.

#3: Clean the most touched surfaces in your vehicle with an effective disinfectant – the steering wheel, the cup holder, the entertainment knob, the seat belts, the door handles, the touchscreen and the dashboard.

#4: Last but not the least, wash your car. You can either do this yourself or take it to a professional car wash. A professional car wash takes care of the exterior of your car and removes any lingering bacteria or dirt on it.

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