Reasons Your Sarasota Vehicle is Overheating

If you’ve noticed steam beginning to escape from the engine compartment of your car, overheating is happening. This is definitely never a happenstance because there are many causes – the cooling system? the radiator? the water pump? the hoses? all of the above? Chief among them is an issue with the cooling system in your car’s engine; we at Car Care Connection will look at this in detail in our latest blog post!

Faulty Water Pump

When this leads to overheating in your car, it could either be a leaking water pump or the water pump bearings being overused over time. With either of these two occurring, the water pump responsible for chilling the heat produced by the engine in motion will become less active or inactive thereby leading to excess heat.


Faulty Engine Coolant System

Faults that could occur within an engine coolant system are:

  • Leakages when an airlock, a bubble of air formed in the coolant system, occurs thereby preventing coolant circulation within the engine.
  • Obstruction of the hose, by debris and other foreign materials, which distributes the coolant.

The Radiator

Just like the water pump has the “chill the heat” role in the engine, the radiator has a similar one: disperse the heat into the air; it does this through the coolant system. However, when your car is overheating and it boils down to a radiator problem, these are the reasons why:

  • Dysfunctional thermostat incapable of regulating the amount of coolant the radiator receives and the amount it disperses into the air.
  • Leaking and congested radiator system which prevents the inflow and outflow of air and heat.
  • Damaged radiator fan not delivering the required amount of air circulation.

Have you inspected your car’s engine or the water pump lately? Give us a call to set up an appointment. Our technicians will carefully examine your car and know what is due for a change so that you do not get stranded on the highway. Call our service team at Car Care Connection at (941) 924-6199.

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