Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

If you’re a car owner you may think vehicle maintenance means repairs or any other routine mechanic visits. One thing you may be neglecting is getting your car detailed. This process has many benefits to your vehicle besides preserving its appearance. Here are some reasons to consider getting your car detailed the next time you visit your local mechanic.
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Stay Safe

When you think of car detailing safety might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Having glass coatings on your vehicle can actually provide a lot of protection against certain driving hazards. These coatings will help you drive safely in wet weather conditions. You’ll be able to see clearly due to the water beading off the glass at a higher speed. Your glass will also be kept cleaner since less dirt will become stuck on the coatings. Wipers also tend to work more efficiently on a windshield that’s been coated.


Keep Out Odors & Allergens

While driving with other passengers in your car you won’t want to be dealing with any foul odors. Many elements that we can’t avoid can contribute to odors in your car. Every time you enter or exit your vehicle you’ll be tracking dirt and dust that can lead to allergies flaring up. Regular vacuuming and wipe downs are important to prevent these build-ups. Fabric coatings are also beneficial to maintaining the interior of your car. These coatings will help prevent stains and make spills much easier to clean.


Protect Against Bacteria

Bacteria is another element that can, unfortunately, build up in your car if it’s not taken care of properly. If you eat in your car or travel with pets and other people often this can add to more germs entering your vehicle. Regular interior details can prevent the build-up of any harmful bacteria and germs that you may be missing during a simple wipe down. The experts will pay close attention to places that are touched often including the steering wheels, door handles, center consoles, and dash.



Car detailing helps keep your interior and exterior looking brand new. It’s important to keep the exterior paint protected since it’s constantly coming into contact with things like dirt, sand, bugs, and harmful UV rays. Adding a protection layer to the top of the paint will help preserve it and you won’t have to worry about touch-ups. Wax sealants are also beneficial in preventing things from sticking and will make washing your car a lot easier.

Your vehicle is an investment that you’ll want to keep in the best shape possible. Regular detailing will protect your car and increase its longevity. If you’re ready to give your car extra love and care schedule a detail today with Car Care Connection located at 6503 Gateway Ave., Gulf Gate, Sarasota, FL 34231. Contact our experts today to get started (941) 924-6199.

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