Reasons Behind Your Check Engine Light

Vehicle owners often face an illuminated check engine light on their dashboard and are unsure what to do or what has caused the light to switch on. Unfortunately, a check engine light is one of the most dreaded vehicle lights because it could mean something minor or major is wrong with your vehicle, and you won’t know what unless you have mechanical experience. 
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If you’re in a situation where your check engine light is illuminated on your dash, it’s best to speak with an expert from a reputable auto shop like Car Care Connection. A mechanic can diagnose your car to determine why your check engine light has switched on and guide you toward the right course of action. 

Yet, even though seeking out a mechanic is the best option when your check engine light has switched on, it’s still an excellent idea to know why it could be on so that you know if you’re in immediate danger. So without further ado, let’s discuss these reasons. 

Check Engine Light: Flashing Vs. Static

Before we dive into why a check engine light could be illuminated on your car’s dash, we want to discuss the difference between a flashing and a static check engine light. 

If your vehicle’s check engine light is flashing or a solid red or orange color, it’s cause for concern. A flashing symbol indicates that your engine is in danger of experiencing damage, and so is the rest of your vehicle. In these instances, it’s usually best to pull over and seek immediate assistance from an auto repair shop. 

In contrast, if your check engine light is yellow, there is usually no need to panic and pull over immediately. Although a yellow illuminated check engine light indicates something is amiss, it is not a sign that you’re at risk of catastrophic engine failure. In these situations, it’s best to continue to your destination safely and make plans to book your car in for a diagnostics test at a local auto shop like Car Care Connection. 

What Are Four Of The Reasons Behind Your Check Engine Light Being On?

Now that you know when to be concerned with your check engine light, it’s time to look at some of the common reasons this light will illuminate your dashboard. 

  • You Have Engine Problems

It might go without saying, but one of the reasons your check engine light could be on is that your vehicle is experiencing engine problems. There is usually a control module by your engine that monitors its operation. It will illuminate your check engine light if it detects a problem with your engine. If it’s an engine issue causing this light to switch on, you need to see a mechanic. 

  • You Have Module And Sensor Problems

Most vehicle power trains nowadays are governed by various modules and sensors. Interestingly, the modules communicate with one another through an advanced data network. When your car is experiencing an issue with its modules, sensors, or wiring, it can trigger the check engine light because of this vast network. 

  • You Have A Gas Cap That Is Loose

Often, the first thing you should check if your check engine light has switched on is your gas gap. Your gas cap is responsible for selling your vehicle fuel system to ensure your gas tank maintains the correct amount of pressure. Your check engine light will switch on when this pressure is unstable because of the gas cap that is loose. 

You can easily check if this is the problem by examining your gas cap and tightening it. If, after tightening it, the check engine light is still on, you have a different issue. Yet, remember to switch your car off and on after tightening it, as this can sometimes affect the lights on your dash. 

  • You Have Ignition System Problems

Your vehicle’s ignition system comprises coil packs, spark plugs, and everything else your car needs to initiate the correct air-to-fuel mixture in your engine. When there is a problem with the ignition system (your coil pack, fuel-to-air ratio, or spark plugs), your check engine light will illuminate thanks to the control module that monitors your vehicle’s ignition system operation. 

Visit An Expert Mechanic At Car Care Connection To Find Out Why Your Check Engine Light Being Illuminated

Now you know more about why your vehicle’s check engine light is on. Unfortunately, there are many more problems that could be causing your check engine light to illuminate, which is why it’s best to speak with an expert technician at Car Care Connection

Our team has decades of experience handling check engine light problems which is why we can help you identify the cause of the issue and fix it. Should you be experiencing an illuminated check engine light and want to resolve it, you can visit in person or contact us here, and we will be in touch.

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