Important Vehicle Maintenance for the Summer

Purchasing a vehicle is akin to making a long-term investment and not just acquiring a consumer good. Recouping a return is made possible by having routine service performed at regular intervals. And, during the summer, this is certainly very important. The Florida heat isn’t just unforgiving on us; if left unchecked, our vehicles can also suffer a great deal. These items are some excellent preventative measures that are crucial for getting through the summer heat in one piece.


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Oil Check & Change 

While you probably get your oil changed several times a year when the situation calls for it, having it done in the summer is of the utmost importance. The engine in your vehicle is a mass of moving parts that generates considerable friction, generating heat. During the summer, your engine has the potential to overheat. The oil keeps the moving parts lubricated and running effectively. 


While having the oil checked is an important aspect of vehicle ownership year-round, ensuring your radiator is working is just as important. The summer heat can be very stressful on your engine. And while oil keeps the parts lubricated and reduces friction, your engine coolant keeps your engine block from overheating and breaking down. It’s also advisable to keep some spare coolant in your trunk if the temperature climbs up unexpectedly. 


The braking system is another part of your vehicle that operates heavily with friction. Pressure is applied, which allows your vehicle to cease forward momentum and come to a complete stop. A major aspect of your brakes is the fluid that allows them to work properly. Having your pads and fluid checked at the beginning of the summer will let you know if you can take to the road with confidence. 

HVAC System 

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that it gets warm during the summer months. As such, your air conditioner becomes your most trusted friend when you’re on the road in warm temperatures. While there are probably no faults present, having it checked before it gets too warm will allow you to have the peace of mind of knowing you can drive around without having to lower the windows. 

Car Care Connection 

Sarasota gets warm during the summer. And to ensure that you and your vehicle come out in one piece, scheduling some maintenance and a routine inspection can make all the difference in the world. To see what services we offer, cruise on over to

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