How to Tell if Your Tire Pressure is Low

Performing regular maintenance on your car is vital to keep it running at its full potential.  One thing many people forget about is checking tire pressure!  If it gets too low, your vehicle’s gas mileage decreases and your wheels can be negatively impacted.   We’ve put together a guide to help you figure out whether or not your tire pressure needs to be adjusted!

Checking Tire Pressure

One of the first indicators of an issue is sound.  As you’re driving, if you notice something that sounds like flapping, low tire pressure is likely the culprit.  The loose rubber in the tire slaps against the road, and if you’ve reached this point, you should not continue driving.  

Another way to tell that your tires need to be filled is if you’re having issues with handling.  Traction becomes greatly reduced in underinflated tires.  This will make stopping take longer than normal and can lead to serious incidents.  

Uneven tire wear is something else to look out for.  Low tire pressure causes sidewalls to twist and sway because they aren’t under pressure.  The center tread will stay intact while the inner and outer edges wear down.  This is especially dangerous because it can cause blowouts while driving.

Finally, measure your tire pressure!  It’s best to do so in the morning before tires are warm from the sun or driving.  Check your driver’s side door for a sticker that lists the recommended tire pressure.  There are several methods for checking the level of pressure.  Digital, stick, and dial.  All will require you to remove the valve cap and press a pressure gauge into the valve stem of your tire.  If your tires are low, you will need to continue to add air until you reach the required number.  Always check all four tires to keep them as even as possible.

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