How Often Do You Need to Get Your Brakes Repaired?

Whether you’re an experienced driver or a brand new one of your biggest concerns while driving should be safety. The most important safety feature of any vehicle is the braking system. To make sure your braking system is protecting you and functioning properly regular maintenance is required. Let’s take a closer look at how this system actually works and how often you should get your brakes repaired. 
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Front & Rear Brakes

All vehicles have both front and rear brakes to help keep you safe on the road. Front brakes function by using large metal disks called rotors. The rear brakes also use rotors as a breaking mechanism. Some manufacturers may use drum brakes so it’s best to check with your mechanic to figure out the type of brakes on your vehicle. Knowing the specifics of your brakes will help you when it becomes time for services and repairs. 

Brake Fluid

Every time you step down on your brake pedal brake fluid will engage, using pressure to pass through a series of tubes down to the brakes themselves. When the fluid reaches the front tires the caliper is then activated. Once it’s activated it will push the brake pads against the rotor creating friction that will allow the tires to slow down. When the brake fluid arrives at the back tires it will enter a wheel cylinder inside the drum. The brake shoes will then move toward the rotating drum and slow your vehicle to a stop. 

Regular Service

Now that you have a better idea of how the brake system works, the next step is to establish a regular service schedule. Brakes can suffer from daily wear and tear since they work so hard to function properly. Brakes should be professionally checked every 10,000 miles or during every oil change service. The experts will then be able to determine how long your brakes will last or when the pads or any other pieces should be replaced. 

Brake Repair

After a regular brake service, your mechanic may let you know that you need a brake repair. Some things that occur during a brake repair can be replacing brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Once these main components are replaced you’ll be able to drive with confidence knowing that your brake system is working efficiently. It’s important to never wait for a break repair since this can cause even more damage to your vehicle. Prevention is key when it comes to your brake system and all other vehicle maintenance. 

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