Here’s What Your Check Engine Light May Be Telling You

Owning a vehicle is a significant responsibility. When driving your vehicle from here to there, you need to pay attention to the lights on the dashboard. If your check engine light turns on, it is important to find the cause of the problem. Ignoring your check engine light can result in serious issues. If your check engine light is on, here’s what it might be telling you.

Check Engine Light On

The first potential issue is a faulty oxygen sensor. Your check engine light may turn on if your car’s exhaust system cannot determine how much oxygen is in it because of a broken sensor. In order to repair this problem, a mechanic must correct your car’s computer.

The second potential problem is a faulty mass airflow sensor. The mass airflow sensor is the king of spark timing and fuel delivery. Your check engine light may turn on if this sensor isn’t working. The sensor uses a live wire to measure airflow, which your car’s engine computer processes to make important internal adjustments. If this sensor isn’t working, your car may stall or rough idle.

Next up, worn spark plugs. When your check engine light turns on, you may be in need of new spark plugs. Spark plugs wear over time, but they are necessary for your car to start. While this replacement isn’t quick, it is necessary. Without functioning spark plugs, you won’t be able to get from here to there.

When your check engine light turns on, you may fear expensive repairs are right around the corner. However, a check engine light doesn’t always mean you will need to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. Sometimes a check engine light simply means your gas cap is loose, missing, or damaged. This repair is simple, easy, and inexpensive.

Now that you know what may be wrong with your vehicle, you’re ready to take it to Car Care Connection. We can tackle any project your car may need, no matter how big or small. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 941-924-6199 today!


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