Guide: Beating the Heat in Your Vehicle

Air Filter Maintenance

The quality of oxygen is compromised if you have a polluted air filter and fuel efficiency is negatively affected as well. Therefore, it is usually advised to have your vehicle’s air filter replaced around every 12,000 miles. 
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Safeguard Your Auto’s Exterior 

It is always good to make a home for your car in the garage or beneath an awning when not in use. By putting a sunshade on the windshield when parked outside, you can minimize fading, and cracking, and keep the inside of the vehicle cooler when exposed to the sun and heat.

Don’t Neglect the Refrigerant

You may need to get a new refrigerant if you do not feel the same temperature of cool air blowing from the AC. Bring your auto to a specialist as soon as possible in order to have the system checked and properly attended to if necessary. 

Secondary Vehicles

Start the motor in order to test the AC of any other vehicles in your belonging. If you detect that something seems “off” regarding the air conditioner’s performance, have a professional in the industry inspect the structure and assess the refrigerant level, too.

Service Regularly

Your car’s AC apparatus should be looked at every year in order to make certain it’s working correctly. The technician will likely perform an air vent temperature check, recycle or replace the operating gas, examine the hose and its neighboring components, inspect and perhaps replace the air filter, test the AC system for leaks, cleanse the AC system, fine-tune the drive belts, and inspect valves and thermostats.

Easy Does It

Begin with a low AC setting and then increase the amount of air slowly so as not to overwork the system right after starting the motor. Your recirculation mode should be on at all times since it stops the air conditioning gear from retrieving hot air from the outer environment.

Something Stinks

Routine cleaning of the air vents combined with a fresh air filter will serve to combat any nasty growth that can produce an offensive odor. Another way to block an unwanted smell is by operating the defrost mode for between five and ten minutes before putting the AC on its highest setting. If you follow this process, mildew will not build up from the presence of extra moisture.

Problematic Compressor

Noise coming from the air conditioning, oil or freon leaks, or fluctuating operation indicates that your vehicle must be promptly taken to an expert for assessment.

Throughout the Seasons

AC clears the windshield of fog and amplifies visibility by erasing humidity. By using your car’s air conditioner all year, you can also spare a long-rested system from strain when finally activated. 

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