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Every person has to get maintenance done on their vehicle at some point in time. If you don’t maintain your car, you risk causing damage to it, and you put your life and others at risk. Fortunately, one of the best ways to avoid causing an accident or other hazard to your safety while ensuring your vehicle remains in tip-top shape is to perform routine maintenance. 
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However, you might not be going about handling your vehicle servicing correctly. Although it’s good to be safe rather than sorry, you could be wasting your money by going to a dealership to get your car serviced every time you suspect something is wrong. 

In our article, the team at Car Care Connection will tell you when you should service your car and how you should go about getting maintenance performed on it. We don’t want you to waste money, but we want you to be safe, so continue reading to learn more. 

When Does Your Car Require Less Maintenance?

You don’t need to perform major maintenance on a brand new car despite what you might believe. In fact, if your vehicle has less than 36,000 miles on it, you don’t need to take it in for a major service to keep it performing as it should. Usually, all that’s needed before you pass the 36,000 miles is oil changes and a few tire rotations. 

If you take it in for anything else, you could be losing money. However, as your vehicle gets older and passes this mark, you will need to complete more maintenance. By maintenance, we’re referring to scheduled maintenance and not repairs. Depending on your vehicle and its condition, you might need to do more maintenance repairs. 

Don’t Forget About Your Vehicles Manual

So when should you get your car maintenance if not whenever you believe something is wrong? Well, if you have kept your vehicle’s owner manual, you will get a good idea about when your particular vehicle should have routine maintenance. 

In your vehicle manual, you will find a section detailing when your vehicle should have maintenance performed. Your car’s maintenance schedule is usually a chart. On this chart, there will be clear instructions on when your vehicle needs to be serviced and what auto work needs to be done when it’s in for maintenance at your local auto shop. 

How You Should Get Your Car Maintenance At An Auto Shop

Now that you know when your vehicle should be serviced and have maintenance performed on it, you need to know how to get maintenance the right way. 

Below you will learn everything you need to about setting up an appointment at Car Care Connection for maintenance for your vehicle. 

  1. Locate your vehicle maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, you can simply search your model on Google to find the manual. 
  2. Once you have found this schedule in your manual or online, you need to photocopy it or print it off.
  3. After you have your service schedule and know what needs to be done, you can call to make a booking to get the maintenance stipulated in your schedule done on your vehicle. 
  4. When your car maintenance has been taken care of, you might be told that you need other issues attended to. It’s crucial you find out if these vehicle issues are safety problems so that you can prioritize them. 

Speak With The Experts At Car Care Connection About Your Car Maintenance

If it’s time to get your car maintenance, you might want to speak with the auto experts at Car Care Connection. We can help you maintain your vehicle according to your service schedule to ensure your vehicle remains safe to drive and continues to perform as it should. You can book a service with us at (941) 924-6199.

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