Fall Car Care Tips

With fall almost upon us, you need to consider your car care as you drive into a new season. Although you might not be ready for colder weather, your car needs to be so that it can keep you, passengers, and other drivers on the road safe. 
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Since seasonal weather changes can affect your car in numerous ways, you must begin preparing for the change from summer to fall. The very best way to get your vehicle fall season ready is to follow a few car care tips. At Care Care Connection, we have found some of the best tips to talk about in our article so that you’re prepared for the seasonal travels ahead. 

What Are Four Fall Car Care Tips You Need To Use?

Fall might not be everybody’s favorite season, but whether you like it or not, you’ll likely have to drive in colder weather. This means you need your vehicle to be in tip-top shape. 

That’s why we have suggested some tips you need to seriously consider undertaking before the new season is upon us. Since these are only a few top tips you need to know, you might want to talk with us at Car Care Connection to learn more about fall car care.

  • Ensure Your Vehicle’s Lights Work

Since summer days will end soon and fall nights begin much earlier, you’re likely to be driving more in the dark. Nighttime driving during the fall season can be daunting for many people, especially if you don’t have functioning lights. 

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your lights work by checking them with a friend or family member before the early evenings become the norm. You need to ensure that your reverse, brake, and front lights are working as they should. 

If you find any of your lights not working, it’s either because of a blown bulb or a wiring fault. Replacing a blown bulb is relatively easy, but a wiring issue might require professional assistance. 

  • Check That Your Heaters Working

You might not have needed to turn your vehicle’s heater on during the summer, but you’ll need it during fall when the nights and early mornings get chilly. So if you think you’ll be using your heater in the fall, you need to check that it’s working as it should be. After all, you don’t want to be left shivering in your car as you make your way to work or the grocery store. 

Luckily checking if your car’s heater is working isn’t as challenging as you might believe, but fixing an issue could be difficult and require the skills of a mechanic. If it’s blowing cold air after turning it on, you likely have a problem with the cooling system. Some of the problems could be a clogged heater core, a stuck thermostat, or a faulty water pump, all of which usually require a mechanic. 

  • Inspect Your Tires

Every season it’s an excellent idea to check your tires, and fall is no different. Luckily, inspecting your tires doesn’t involve too much effort. You will need to inspect your tire tread depth and look for signs of bald spots or bulging alongside wear and tear. If your tread is thinned significantly or you notice these other issues, you must replace your tires. 

Additionally, you also need to check your tire pressure. Your pressure needs to match the PSI listed in your vehicle owner’s manual. Since tire pressure drops when the temperatures drop, it’s crucial to regularly check your tires during the fall to avoid a flat. 

  • Have Your Battery Checked

Another important vehicle component you need to check before planning your fall trips is your battery. With a faulty battery, you risk breaking down during cold weather or becoming stranded on your fall-season road trip. 

To check your battery is working properly, you must make sure the battery connections are free of corrosion, tight, and clean. In addition, you need to ensure it’s charging correctly because cold weather during the fall can wreak havoc on a battery, especially if it’s already old. A professional can help you check your vehicle’s battery health to ensure it’s fine for fall travels. 

If you follow these fall car care tips, you have a better chance of enjoying a hassle-free season as it relates to your vehicle. However, if you want to be doubly sure, you should consider taking your car to a reputable auto center like Car Care Connection for a maintenance checkup and service. 

Our expert auto technicians have the knowledge needed to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and well taken care of. So, book an appointment with us here or bring your vehicle to us today, and we’ll ensure it’s operating as it should.

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