Diagnose These Common Auto Air Conditioner Problems

Losing your air conditioner is no joke in Florida, so making sure that your air conditioning system in your car is working is extremely important, because the summer heat and humidity can be unbearable. While air conditioning systems in cars don’t have problems frequently, it’s important to get them checked when they do. Here’s a guide to several different problems that your air conditioner could have. 

Problems with the Electrical System

Car Air Conditioner

Like nearly all of the parts of your car, the air conditioning system is electrical. Your AC’s electrical system could experience a small, minor problem, such as a loose connection, or a damaged wire. If you are getting your air conditioner checked during maintenance, your technician can locate and fix a small problem quickly. A small problem can turn into a larger issue, such as a buildup of acid because of the electrical problem. Over time, this acid buildup can corrode and permanently damage your air conditioning system. 

Compressor Issues

Compressor issues are another fairly common problem with car ACs. Usually, if you are getting your air conditioner checked frequently, any problems with the compressor can be fixed. An AC system in your car can’t work without the compressor. If the compressor fails, we have to replace it, but it may signal a larger problem with the AC itself. One of the most common reasons compressors fail is because they overheat. You could have a clogged filter, a clogged AC line, or low freon that causes your compressor to fail. Be sure you get your air conditioning checked regularly to make sure a small compressor problem doesn’t lead to compressor failure. 

Air Is Blowing, But It’s Not Cold

If your air is blowing cool, but not cold, you may have a clogged air filter in your cabin. This means that the filter has become dirty with dust, debris, and even bugs, which restricts airflow. You need to get your AC checked because once it overheats, the compressor will have to be replaced. You may also need freon added to your car’s system to bring back your icy cold air. 

If your AC isn’t working right, and you need it checked out, or you need your car repaired, come by and see Car Care Connection. We’re located at 6503 Gateway Avenue in Gulf Gate. You can also give us a call at 941-924-6199.

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  • Thanks for mentioning how the electrical system can have a damaged wire that could break the air conditioning. My AC went out in my car yesterday and it’s uncomfortable driving around in it. I’ll be sure to take it to an auto shop so I can get my AC fixed this week.

  • Having functional car air conditioning is crucial, especially if you reside in Florida.
    I immediately addressed the air conditioning problem in my automobile. The previous summer in San Diego was brutally heated.
    We required reliable automobile air conditioning.

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