Common Culprits of Tire Damage

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without tires, you’re not going to go far. It’s important to maintain the quality of your tires and repair or replace them whenever necessary. Learn about common culprits of tire damage by continuing on.


One of the most popular reasons for tire damage is road debris. Anything from gravel, to trash, to something that fell from another vehicle can harm your tires. Sometimes these items are too small to see, but there are some ways to protect yourself from road debris. Of course, if an object is large enough to see, you should navigate around it. To keep your tires protected from smaller objects, keep your tires properly inflated and in good shape. The better shape your tires are in, the less likely they are to experience significant damage when running over road debris.

Going over speed bumps too quickly can damage your tires. If you’re driving over speed bumps, make sure you’re driving as slowly as possible. The sidewalls of your vehicle should never come into contact with the road, but driving over speed bumps too quickly causes this to happen. That can lead to serious tire problems, so take it slow.

Check your tire pressure often and make sure your tires are at the proper inflation level. Your owner’s manual will tell you the proper PSI for your tires. If it’s too high or too low, this can put you at risk of a puncture or a flat.

When you go to get an oil change, you should also have your tires rotated. A tire rotation is when your tires are switched around. This allows for more even distribution of wear. If you fail to get routine tire rotations, you may find one tire is wearing more than the rest. This uneven distribution of wear stresses out your other tires, which actually causes your tires to wear quicker than if you rotated them.

Maintaining the quality of your tires is key. Whether you need a tire rotation, inspection, or replacement, get in touch with Car Care Connection! Give us a call at 941-924-6199.

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