Check Out the Top Symptoms of an Engine Oil Leak

You have been driving your car for a while, and you love it. Recently, you may have noticed that there is a pool of liquid underneath your car every morning. You may also notice your oil light is coming on more frequently than usual. If you are worried that you may have an engine oil leak, here is some information about how you can tell for sure whether you have an oil leak or not. 

Clues You May Have An Oil Leak

Oil Leak

The first sign of an oil leak is when there are dark puddles under your car. In fact, dark puddles under your car is one of the first clues you may have an oil leak. If you are not sure the dark puddles are coming from your car, you can put a light-colored plastic plate under your car at night to check for leaks. 

Another clue you may have an oil leak is if you see smoke coming from your engine. When engine oil drips onto hot engine parts, it causes smoke. The more smoke you have, the bigger problem you may have with your engine. 

Is your oil light on? If your oil light or check engine light is on, this is another clue that you may need to have your engine checked. If your oil light is on, you need to have your car checked as soon as possible. You may also notice that your engine temperature is increasing, which may be a sign of an oil leak. Speaking of engine temperature, you might also notice that you smell burning oil or you hear what sounds like bacon, you need to have your engine checked. 

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