The most used or touched surfaces in your vehicle are dirty. Statistically, the average steering wheel holds more dirt quadruple the amount of dirt a public toilet seat holds (sounds insane and cringeworthy, we know but facts do not lie). Then we have other surfaces like the door handles, the cup holder, the entertainment knob and the seat belts. 

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If you have been driving for a while in Sarasota, you already know that there are times you have to slam on your brakes quickly in order to avoid an accident. Maybe it’s because someone pulled out in front of you, or you were avoiding an accident. No matter what the reason, your brakes will get a workout. How will you know when you need to change your brake pads and rotors? We have some tips.

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If you’ve noticed steam beginning to escape from the engine compartment of your car, overheating is happening. This is definitely never a happenstance because there are many causes – the cooling system? the radiator? the water pump? the hoses? all of the above? Chief among them is an issue with the cooling system in your car’s engine; we at Car Care Connection will look at this in detail in our latest blog post!

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