You have been driving your car for a while, and you love it. Recently, you may have noticed that there is a pool of liquid underneath your car every morning. You may also notice your oil light is coming on more frequently than usual. If you are worried that you may have an engine oil leak, here is some information about how you can tell for sure whether you have an oil leak or not. 

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The most used or touched surfaces in your vehicle are dirty. Statistically, the average steering wheel holds more dirt quadruple the amount of dirt a public toilet seat holds (sounds insane and cringeworthy, we know but facts do not lie). Then we have other surfaces like the door handles, the cup holder, the entertainment knob and the seat belts. 

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When the check engine light comes on, we have a tendency to ignore it. This is especially true if our vehicle doesn’t seem to be running any differently than it was before the light turned on. However, just because we don’t notice anything wrong doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong. You shouldn’t ignore your vehicle’s check engine light.

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