Car Repairs You Should Never Attempt Yourself

Doing vehicle repairs at home is a great way to save some money and DIY repair has never been easier since the availability of free instructional videos on the internet. However, there are a handful of repairs that should never be attempted at home and are best left to professionals. Let’s take a look at a few of the home repairs you should avoid.


The inner workings of a transmission are one of the most complicated pieces of machinery invented by man. Featuring thousands of complex parts that all work in harmony to seamlessly shift your vehicle’s power as necessary, tackling a transmission problem is not something that should be attempted in a home garage. 

Head Gasket

A head gasket is a relatively simple piece of hardware that is devilishly difficult to replace. Sitting between the engine block and cylinder heads in the engine, it is an absolutely critical piece of hardware that -must- be functional in order for your vehicle to run. Accessing the gasket, much less replacing it, requires many hours of labor and simply isn’t feasible to work on at home.


Brakes are a sticky wicket. While they aren’t much more difficult to work on than other car systems that can be repaired at home, the price for improper brake work can be quite high. Botching any part of the repair process can, quite simply, kill you. Leave this one to the professionals for peace of mind, if nothing else.

Windshield Repairs

Fixing your windshield can be tricky business. Over-the-counter repair kits can be purchased at an auto parts store for a little over $10 and their application is relatively simple. However, mistakes are more common than advertised and an improperly repaired windshield is costly at best and dangerous at worst. This is another one to seek professional help.


The radiator stops your vehicle from overheating, a problem that will destroy your engine if left unchecked. Radiator repairs are possible at home, but mistakes can lead to a damaged or completely inoperable engine that will cost you far more than professional radiator repair would have.

Altogether, these are a handful of repairs that you should leave to a mechanic. While it’s definitely worthwhile to do many jobs at home by yourself, you don’t want to push it and lose all the money you were trying to save.

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  • Thank you for explaining how it’s possible to further damage or even make the engine completely inoperable if you make mistakes while doing radiator repairs at home. My brother manages a truck fleet and yesterday, I overheard one of the drivers say their truck’s radiator seems to be broken. I’ll make sure to tell my brother to leave the repairs to a trusted auto repair professional.

  • I recently got into an accident last night and want to take my car for repair by this week. I appreciate when you said that a windshield that has been incorrectly repaired is expensive at best and unsafe at worst. I would need to speak to a professional to help me find the right service for my car. Thanks for the article!

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