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Do you have a trusty vehicle that needs repairs due to old age or an accident? If so, it can be quite challenging to determine if you should repair it or fork out the money to buy a new or pre-owned model. 
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In many instances, it might seem like foregoing the costly repair in favor of purchasing a new car is an excellent idea. This is especially true if you’ve been eager to buy a new car for a while. Yet, is it the right thing to do? 

In our article, we will look at when you should repair your vehicle at a reputable auto shop like Car Care Connection or buy a new one. We will also tell you the crucial steps you need to take if you decide to repair your much-loved car. 

Should You Repair Your Car Or Purchase A New One? 

If you have been given a hefty repair quote or bill or have been taking your car in for numerous repairs throughout the year, you might be asking if you need to purchase a new one. If you need to repair it or buy a new one, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might believe. 

Firstly, you need to determine how much your used car is worth. Finding out its worth can help you determine how much more it will be worth after repairing it. For example, if you own a used car worth $6,000 and get it repaired to the tune of $1,000, your vehicle will likely be worth $7,000 after repairs. 

Getting your car repaired will help if you want to save up a bit more before you commit to buying a new one. Additionally, it will ensure you can sell your vehicle for a higher price in the future. Secondly, getting your vehicle repaired is usually more cost-effective than purchasing a new car that you will have to pay off for five-plus years. 

After a repair, you could not have any issues with your car for two or three years. In contrast, if you bought a new car, you will have to keep paying for it and any repairs it might need if you didn’t take out a comprehensive warranty. 

Yet, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when repairing your vehicle won’t increase its lifetime. Often a car can get to a point where it will keep costing you money. In these instances, it’s usually best to purchase a new car. Additionally, if your vehicle was involved in an accident, and the repairs will cost you more than the car was to buy, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one. 

The Two Steps You Need To Take If You Decide To Repair Your Vehicle 

Have you decided to go the repair route because you are not quite ready to let go of your beloved vehicle or pay out a fortune on a new one? If so, you will likely find the below steps surrounding how to repair your vehicle interesting.  

  • Search For A Repair Shop

When your vehicle needs repairs, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable repair shop like Car Care Connection. When speaking with repair shops, remember to ask them about the deals or specials they have for certain repairs. 

Although it might be tempting to accept the first quote you receive, you should shop around to ensure you’re getting the best repair deal and not being overcharged. Usually, smaller repair shops will have better rates but don’t go for the cheapest rate either, as this could be a representation of the quality you will receive. 

The best way to find the best repair shop for your needs is to read reviews, ask friends and family which mechanic they use, and call around to see which auto repair shops offer the best prices. 

  • Determine What Repairs You Need To Get Done 

The second and most important step is to determine which repairs need to be done immediately and which ones can wait. For example, if you need a new battery and clutch repair and your air conditioning fixed, it might be best to single out the most important one and get it repaired first. At Car Care Connection, we can help you with each of these repairs and plenty more. 

Additionally, if you’re unsure which parts should be replaced first, you need to speak with an auto mechanic. They will be able to tell you the lifespan you still have with an auto part and which is most likely to give out first. This will help you budget accordingly and give you the leeway you need to get everything repaired when it needs to be. 

Ultimately deciding if you should repair your vehicle or buy a new one is your decision. However, it is usually best to have an in-depth conversation with a mechanic to determine if your car will likely last you a few more years if you undertake repairs. 

At Car Care Connection, we can discuss the repairs your car needs in order of importance. Our auto shop covers a range of repairs to ensure our customers don’t have to go anywhere else. If you want to schedule a repair service with us, you can visit us at 6503 Gateway Avenue, Gulf Gate, Sarasota, or call us at (941) 924-6199 to speak with one of our experts.

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