Automatic Car Washes – Beware

Does it seem like dozens of automatic car washes have popped up all over the place in the last few years? Well, it’s because people care about the appearance of their cars and want to extend the life of their paint job. We caution against this approach, however, because automatic car washing comes with a whole host of negative side effects.
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Here’s why you should beware of automatic car washes.

Automatic Car Wash Dangers

  • The Cleaning Agents Are Brutal
      • Harsh or acidic cleaning agents are not going to help your car’s paint job. It may allow it to sparkle and shine for a time, all while slowly eroding the paint and wax protection. You might even begin to notice small scratches despite taking your car to a touchless car wash.
  • They Don’t Use The Best Water
      • Saving water is important and reusing it is a good idea, provided you have an effective filtration system. Some of the fly-by-night car washes don’t, however. Whenever they use recycled and poorly filtered water to clean your car, the results won’t be that great. You’re better off pumping and spraying some Everglade water onto your vehicle.
  • Automatic Touchless Car Washes Miss A Lot
      • Since every car is shaped somewhat differently, there’s no one-size-fits-all car wash. Try as they might, touchless equipment is bound to miss your car’s problem spots. If you don’t touch up behind it, you’ll slowly accumulate dirt in certain locations.
  • Their Drying Systems Leave Streaks
      • The dryers they use are fairly impressive compared to the old days. That said, there are no automatic dryers that get every bit of moisture, which means you’ll have to deal with streaks. If you have to spend so much time inspecting and detailing things after an automatic washer, is it really worth paying $10 and waiting in line?

These are some compelling reasons to consider an alternative to cheap and efficient automatic car washes. This might be one car upkeep task you should do by yourself. For other important maintenance tasks, we’re here to help at Car Care Connection. We’ll let you take care of washing and cleaning while you let us handle:

  • All maintenance and repair work
  • Installing Lift Kits
  • AC Repair
  • Break Repair
  • . . . and more for ANY make and model.

Car Care Connection applauds the efforts of vehicle owners who want to take care of their car and keep it clean. Don’t cheap out on something important, though. Especially with anything under the hood, avoid quick fixes and bring your car, truck, or SUV to us for reliable and professional service in Sarasota. Call us to learn more, at 941-924-6199.

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