Auto Detailing for Summer

Protect Paint From the Sun

Constant exposure to the sun actually weakens an automobile’s clear coat. The long-term result can be deterioration of the paint job, apparent by the color of the paint fading. Applying a long-lasting paint sealant before summer will protect your vehicle’s paint against UV damage from the sun’s rays and help keep an attractive outer appearance.
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Safeguard Interior From the Sun

If your automobile’s windows are lacking in UV protection, vulnerable surfaces such as the dashboard and seats are at risk of sun damage. Surfaces including leather, vinyl, and plastic are susceptible to discoloration and splitting after a period of time. The best way to protect the inner surfaces is to thoroughly condition all of them prior to the onset of hot weather.

Revitalize Fading of Exterior Plastic

UV harm from the sun also affects the integrity of exterior plastic as dark shades will slowly lighten in hue during the summer. Many of the unfavorable effects can be corrected by applying a conditioner. Utilizing a plastic sealant on unprotected exterior components before summer begins will save you from extra upkeep down the road.

Prevent Tires From Cracking

When left untreated, tires begin to fade and crack much like the other exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Unfortunately, tires are a magnet for sunlight due to their deep black color. Also, being rubber in material, they’re much more susceptible to damage and discoloration. Fading and cracking can be rectified by using a tire conditioner a minimum of twice per month in order to maintain a healthy-looking, robust surface. Spending a few minutes every so often caring for your tires can work wonders in producing noteworthy results.

Eliminate Insect Remains

It is almost inevitable that insects will crash into your vehicle as you are driving along. And to make matters even worse, the sun acts as an oven and bakes them onto your car. It is important to clean them off as soon as possible as the longer you wait, the more difficult they are to remove. Thankfully, using a detail spray offers a shield of protection from the aftermath of crashing insects

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