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Purchasing a vehicle is akin to making a long-term investment and not just acquiring a consumer good. Recouping a return is made possible by having routine service performed at regular intervals. And, during the summer, this is certainly very important. The Florida heat isn’t just unforgiving on us; if left unchecked, our vehicles can also suffer a great deal. These items are some excellent preventative measures that are crucial for getting through the summer heat in one piece.

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Truck Suspensions Service Schedule

A truck suspension service is a maintenance procedure that ensures the proper functioning and continuity of a truck’s suspension system. The primary function of a truck’s suspension is to absorb shock from rough roads and maintain stability, eventually enhancing the safety and comfort of the motorist and passengers.  

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Vehicle Alignment Guide

Your vehicle’s wheel alignment is crucial because, without aligned wheels, you risk your tires performing poorly and not lasting as long as they should. You also risk experiencing poor vehicle handling while driving and your car continuously pulling to one side in an annoying and potentially dangerous fashion. 

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