Air Brake System: What Is It?

Air brake systems can be found in a considerable number of vehicles on the road. But what exactly is the purpose of this structure? Since many drivers are unfamiliar with the specifics of what it means to have an air brake system in an automobile, Car Care Connection explains the workings of this mechanism to provide clarification.
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Air brakes operate by utilizing compressed air rather than hydraulic fluid. As opposed to a vehicle’s hydraulic brake system that is susceptible to leaking due to the brake fluid, air brakes do not have this problem. Types of brakes in an air brake system may be drum brakes, disc brakes, or a combo of the two. 

Air gets pressurized by an engine-mounted compressor. Then, the air compressor forces air into storage tanks that house the compressed air until required. Once the driver presses the brake pedal, compressed air held in the tank travels through the brake line. Of course the harder the brake pedal is pressed, the more air pressure will be applied. The compressed air contained in the brake lines then travels into the brake cylinder of the air system. Air pressure on the piston within the brake cylinder assists in activating the service brake and releasing the parking brake. When the air pressure is set free, the parking brake takes action by spring force in the spring brake chamber. This permits the parking brake to operate as well as the car’s emergency brake system.

Each wheel is furnished with foundation brakes. The service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake, all use the identical foundation brake system in each automobile. Spring breaks are vital for heavy motor vehicles since they have to be equipped with parking brakes and emergency brakes. These autos are secured by mechanical force because air pressure can leak away over time. Spring brakes are crucial due to the possibility of the aforementioned issue. While a vehicle is in motion, these robust springs are restrained by air pressure. The parking brake affords drivers the capability to withdraw air pressure and unhitch the springs. 

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