5 Common Auto Repair Questions

Caring for your car is incredibly important. When you are taking your car in for repairs, there are some questions you want to ask your mechanic to stay in the know. Check out these five common auto repair questions:

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First, ask what type of warranties a mechanic offers. Not all mechanics offer warranties, but the mechanics who do offer warranties are more trustworthy and reliable.


Next, if you’re getting an old part replaced, ask if you can see it. This can help you gain a better understanding of your vehicle. Plus, if your mechanic says yes, you know that they’re honest and dedicated to serving their clients.

Maintenance Plan

The third question to ask your mechanic is, “can you provide me with a maintenance plan?” The best person to provide you with a care plan for your car is the person who is taking care of your car. They can recommend when you should receive your next oil change, tire rotation, filter cleaning, and so on.


It’s always important to know the certifications a mechanic has before receiving any maintenance. Ask your mechanic about their certifications to be sure they are qualified to care for your car.


A lot of car problems have more than one solution. When your mechanic informs you of a problem, ask about your options. Some mechanics may choose the most expensive option without discussing any cheaper solutions in an attempt to make money. Asking questions can help you save money when caring for your car.

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