4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

No one wants to waste a lot of time worrying about their wheels–until they stop working, and you are hit with an expensive tire replacement bill. If you want to avoid an expensive repair, here are some things you need to be paying attention to, because they may spell a wheel alignment in your future. 

4 Signs Your Wheels Need to be Aligned

Signs You Need Your Wheels Aligned

One of the best signs that you need a wheel alignment is an uneven or rapid wear on your tires. When your wheels need to be aligned, your car will most likely lean to one side or another. This is often imperceptible, but your tires will wear down quickly, or the wear pattern will be uneven. Another sign you need a wheel alignment is if your steering wheel pulls to the left or right even if you are driving with your steering wheel straight. 

You might also notice that in addition to listing to the left or right, your steering wheel is very noisy, especially when you are traveling on an uneven road. Your steering wheel might not be the only thing squealing–your tires might be making noise as well. Although these signs point to an issue with your alignment, there’s no need to worry. As car repairs go, a wheel alignment is far cheaper than replacing all four tires. 

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