4 Critical Signs That Your Car Needs an Oil Change

When you buy a vehicle, it’s key to maintain it. Car maintenance includes repairing broken or worn parts, cleaning and replacing filters, and so on. Oil changes are one of the most frequently required and common forms of routine maintenance a vehicle requires. For four critical warning signs that your car needs an oil change, continue on.

Oil Change in Sarasota

One way to tell if your vehicle is in critical need of an oil change is by checking the oil! When you lift the hood of your vehicle and remove the dipstick, you can wipe the stick with a cloth. Inspect the cloth to evaluate the quality of the oil. The oil should be thin, clear or light amber, and clean and smooth. If your oil is dark, black, clumpy, dirty, or if there isn’t any oil on the rag, it is time to get an oil change.

Another way to tell if your vehicle is in need of an oil change without inspecting the oil itself is by driving your vehicle. When your car shifts gears, it should shift smoothly. However, if your vehicle is jerky and rough when shifting, it may be time for an oil change.

Every once in a while during your drive, turn down your music and listen to your engine. Do things sound odd? Your vehicle may be making knocking or tapping noises because it needs oil. Your engine has a lot of metal moving parts that rub up against one another. If these parts aren’t properly lubricated, they can make strange noises, which also means the parts are probably experiencing significant wear and tear.

Finally, your vehicle may notify you that you need an oil change by turning on the check engine light. If your check engine light turns on, take your vehicle to a local shop for an inspection and a potential oil change.

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